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Uni-Graphique T-shirt Printing Price list

Prices include a high quality adult round neck t-shirt with up to an A4 size print.

Single print (front only) or double print (front and back).

All prices exclude delivery.

Quantity Single Print Double Print
1-5 R155 R170
6-12 R150 R165
13-25 R145 R160
26-40 R140 R155
41-65 R135 R150
66-100 R130 R145
101-R150 R125 R140
151+ R120 R130

 Reasons Why You Need Company T-Shirts for Better Brand Recognition


  1. Company T-Shirts Create Lasting Awareness

One reason to invest in company-branded tees is that it helps create lasting awareness and team loyalty.

Branded swag isn’t just used once and then discarded. Instead, most promotional products such as printed t-shirts, water bottles, and pens are used often and expose your business logo repeatedly to people in your network.

A well-made quality t-shirt could mean continued marketing for years.

You can also expect people to continue to wear it when the quality is good and the t-shirt fits comfortably.

It’s worth investing in decent marketing apparel to ensure your employees and advertising efforts last a long time and get seen by the people in your community.

Your business logo demonstrates social proof and builds trust with the people you serve.


  1. Advertising on Valuable Space

People typically glance at billboards and other forms of advertising. We pay attention to the brand’s other people wear and use in their daily lives.

That makes the human body the ultimate valuable, mobile space when it comes to marketing and advertising.

A branded t-shirt also shows that people are aware of your business, someone in the community approves of your company enough to wear and vouch for your business.

A good quality t-shirt that is comfortable to wear out in public is another option when marketing a corporate brand locally.

If you’re lucky enough to get the right influencer to wear and/or use your t-shirt and swag you could reach hundreds if not, thousands of people to view your t-shirt and other branded merchandise.


  1. Boosts Employee Morale

Swag promotions aren’t just for your target market.

Instead, you can use them as thank you gifts to give to your employees. It’s the perfect way to show appreciation for their hard work.

You can also use your branded apparel as a form of motivation by implementing an awards program within your company. Your company t-shirt also creates a group identity and a team environment if you print t-shirts for your employees.

Are you celebrating a big milestone in your business?

Commemorate that milestone with a company t-shirt and swag for your employees. Print your logo on the front left chest of the t-shirt and the celebration on the back part of the shirt.

When your employees are standing at the bank, grocery store, burger joint, the people standing behind your employee can read and know about your company.

The big milestone you broke through and achieved as a team, you now share it with people out in public!

Find something that holds a high value to employees but won’t cost you a ton of money. Promotional items such as movie gift certificates to branded sweaters can help boost company morale.


  1. Customers Become Free Sales People

If you’re going to invest in branded swag, make sure it’s something eye-catching.

You want a marketing swag that’s so useful or so amazing looking that your customers want to wear or use the item.

When that happens, suddenly you have a ton of salespeople walking around advertising your company. Best of all, you don’t have to pay for them to do so! It’s influencer marketing at its best.  We believe T Mobil is a good example of branding and wearing your business on your back.


  1. Brings About Greater Exposure

Those same studies show that eight in 10 consumers own one to 10 swag items. And that 53% of them use that promotional merchandise at least once a week. And the majority keep these items for at least two years.

That’s a lot of time to bring about a lot of exposure to your company. If it’s a good quality t-shirt it will last longer and get better with age.

That’s why we recommend printing your logo on the best quality t-shirt your employees and customers will love to wear.

Getting employees to wear your t-shirt is easy so why not use that opportunity for them to represent your company while they are out in public.

Having your employees become representatives outside of work hours is a great way to get exposure and added promotion for your business.


  1. Great for Expanding Your Business into New Markets

If you’re launching a new product or service, you have to spread the word in a way that’s highly effective but within your budget.

The easiest way to do that is through t-shirt promotions.

But your swag marketing efforts are only useful if you give away items that are actually useful to your target market.

If your goal is to reach new customers, pick promotional items they’ll want to use and wear out in public.

A branded t-shirt, a hoodie a hat or a pen, these are all useful to get your logo out into the public and advertise throughout the day.

A logo or symbol can cross many language barriers and cultures.

Use your logo to promote in different countries and events across the world for brand exposure.


  1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Promotional merchandise is another form of word of mouth marketing. Every consumer who wears or uses your swag items is helping you promote your business.

That’s because we trust the opinions of others and buy based on a social proof when the product is of good quality.

That’s why online reviews and customers testimonials are so effective. Also, the person wearing or using the item isn’t going to launch a pushy sales pitch on the people they come across.

Instead, it’s just a silent endorsement for your company that speaks volumes all on its own.